Fees and benefits

Jabiru endeavours to keep fees fair and affordable for families. Each of our services is unique, and the fees differ from service to service.

Most families receive some form of support from the government to reduce fees, even families on high incomes:

Families eligible for Child Care Subsidy pay reduced fees, with a proportion of their fees paid by Centrelink.

Your families combined income will determine your percentage of subsidy.

The parent or guardian with the lowest hours of recognised activity per fortnight will determine the hours of subsidised care you can claim per fortnight.

  • Families with less than 8 hours of activity can use 24 hours per fortnight
  • Families with 8 to 15 hours of activity can use 36 hours per fortnight
  • Families with 16 to 48 hours of activity can use 72 hours per fortnight
  • Families with more than 48 hours of activity

Your Child Care Subsidy is automatically credited to your Jabiru account, and our invoice to you will only be for the gap between your subsidy and our fees.

The table below shows an example of fees and session hours.  Check with your school service for relevant price details for you.

Full Fee Session Hours
Before school care: $13.80 2 hours
After school care: $20.40 3 hours
Vacation care: $50.00 11.5 hours



Register for Childcare Subsidy Scheme by ringing Centrelink on 136 150 or going online to the Department of Human Services website http://www.humanservices.gov.au/

If you already have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number, it’s easy to register. If not, you may need to allow a little time but it will make a significant difference to the cost of your care.