Your ‘how to’ guide
for using our
Jabiru Kids services.

Click the image below to download a Parent Handbook.

Please help our happy working relationship with you by reading it carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or to have a copy of the Handbook mailed to you. 

Parent Handbook



Ten helpful hints about using Jabiru Kids:

  1. Your child must be enrolled online or using a form before using our services.
  2. We must have received a booking in writing for your child before we can care for them.
  3. If your child is not coming on a booked day, please let us know so we don’t have to track you down to find out where they are.
  4. You –or a person you authorize – must sign your child in and out each session they attend.
  5. Only people you nominate can sign your child in or out unless you tell us in writing of a variation.
  6. Registering for Child Care Subsidy will significantly reduce the cost of care.
  7. We make it easy for you to pay by offering a Direct Debit service. If you wish to pay a different way, please do so before the direct debit date on your statement.
  8. Your child must bring a broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hat to Vacation Care.
  9. If you pick your child up late you will pay a late fee.
  10. Please keep your contact details up to date, particularly your email address as we email you all relevant information.