School Age Care


Jabiru Kids is part of a national network of services to provide for children's safety, relaxation and play-learning before and after school and during the holidays.

Full of activity and friends, and facilitated by caring well-trained adults, each of our School Age Care programs is a Jabiru Kids Community. So it’s also a place where it’s fun to belong..!

Age of Children

Our programs are for all Primary School aged children from Prep-Yr 6.

Types of Services

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE includes breakfast and fun activities to prepare for the day. See more here.

AFTER SCHOOL CARE includes afternoon tea, time to just relax and chat about the day, fun activities for play-based experiential learning, and homework time. See more here.

VACATION CARE programs are packed full of fun so children can have a real holiday experience. See more here.

Your Local Service

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How Jabiru is Different 

We do everything traditional child care programs do, including complying with the requirements of State Regulations and National Quality Standards. But we have also added a unique Jabiru-style of care – our own way of working called Communities for Kids or  C4K.  This is an added focus on providing children with places of belonging, where everyone feels safe, and where the program of relaxation and activities is wonderfully rich and diverse.

We are a non-profit community organisation incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act. Unlike private for-profit child care businesses who pay profits to owners and shareholders, by law every cent we make goes into our work with children and families.

Play and Relax

Jabiru school-age care programs make a positive contribution to childhood by providing a space in which children can relax and play.

For a child, all of life is learning, and play is part of that life. Play is vital for the healthy development of every child’s brain and body. Everything at Jabiru exists for a purpose that’s safe and fun, to support this development. Through free time children learn the life-skills of relaxing, winding down and blowing out the cobwebs. An offering of activities and games exists so that children learn about enjoying the richness of life through fun, creativity, silliness, cooperation, leadership, stories, music, art and colour, curiosity, communication, self-organising, group participation and much much more.

We have invented a comprehensive play and activity curriculum in C4K, to make sure we offer children the widest possible diversity of familiar choices, unique opportunities and new experiences.

Each Activity area in C4K has its own identifying fun character. You can meet them all, and explore them, in the panel on the left of this page.


Belonging is one of a child’s basic needs. We meet that need at Jabiru Kids by helping each child feel good in their own skin, and safe in the company of others who love and respect them.

But that doesn’t happen by accident in any group environment.  Belonging as part of a group is sometimes called ‘community’. At Jabiru we have developed a detailed understanding of what contributes to a feeling of community. We call these things Touchstones of Community; the things we need to focus on to make sure every Jabiru Kids program is a community, where it’s fun to belong.

You can explore the Touchstones of Community here.

Learn and Grow



School communities are our closest partners. We work hard for our positive relationships with them. Click on this link to see more information about how we do that.

Assisting Parents

Our friendly administration and enquiries staff are right here in Brisbane. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us.

Check our extensive information for Parents here

 Full of activity and friends, and facilitated by caring well-trained adults, each of our School Age Care programs is a Jabiru Kids Community. So it’s also a place where it’s fun to belong..!