After School Care

Our Food

We serve a delicious, varied afternoon tea, including fresh fruit and vegetables plus substantial healthy snacks cooked from scratch, like pasta, rice dishes and baked goods.We also serve a late snack for children still at Jabiru after 5pm to tide them over until dinner. This is something light like vege sticks and dip of freshly popped popcorn. All our food comes from our Kids Café.

Fun Activities

Each week we display a program outlining the fun things children can choose from. Children’s choices or suggestions by parents and staff, can come from anywhere. But our C4K Activities Menu at the left of this page, ensures there is always a wide range of options, from Activ-8 physical activity, Hand-Made crafts, Living Colour visual arts, Earth Story armchair travel, story-telling in the Story-Space , Just-for Fun games and fun, or Kurious Kids science fun. Often, activities or foods are based on suggestions by children and parentsThese and other activities like Calm Kids relaxation, and MusicAll music play, are included in our fee, with the exception of some special holiday time activities. Getting children’s feedback and ideas through Talk-Time activities helps us make sure that each Jabiru service is a place where children know they belong..!

Homework support

Many children at Jabiru use their time to complete their homework or to read aloud. Our staff are always happy to set aside a quiet space for homework and to encourage children to complete their work.  If this is important to you, please let staff at your child’s program know. However nothing replaces the importance of parents reading with children, so we recommend you continue to enjoy reading with your child at home as well.

In-school Activities

Children  don’t have to miss out on extra-curricular activities offered by their school or others, just because they are booked with Jabiru Kids. With your permission they can attend activities within the school grounds like swimming classes, sport training, music lessons and so on.

Getting Started

All you need to do is enrol or book now..!