Jarjumm Nabei

At Jabiru, children can experience the  cultures of the world’s oldest living civilisations.

Jarjumm Nabei means ‘child-play’. The words are pronounced jar (rhymes with car) – jumm (rhymes with hum) na (rhymes with car)- bei (rhymes with see), emphasising the first syllable: JAR-jumm NA-bei.

First, Thank You

We acknowledge the traditional owners of all lands where we work. And we give our respects to Elders past and present, who come from those lands, or who now live there.  We are grateful to the Yugumbeh people from the areas south of Brisbane, for their permission and encouragement given through their  language dictionary to use their language.

Thousands of Years

Every place we work is a place where children have lived and played and grown for as much as sixty thousand years. Children of all cultures are now blessed to live in that place and to enjoy experiencing elements of some of Earth’s oldest games, language, dance, food, stories and ideas.

Respect, Learning and Fun

Through this program each site will take time to meet Elders both local, and living locally from other places. We will remember to use appropriate acknowledgements when we meet and to always honour the original owners. Children will learn and use greetings in local language, and will know basic words from that language to use in daily conversation. We will have fun dancing, singing, painting, eating food and playing games from local culture.

Unique Experience

The privilege of living in the footsteps of the world’s most ancient living culture is unique to all Australians. Jabiru Kids communities will have that experience in the richest and most respectful way possible. And have fun doing it..!

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Jarjumm Narbei©  helps Jabiru Kids to walk gently in the footprints of Australia’s ancient people. Honour and respect for Indigenous people helps make each community strong.

Initial roll-out of our C4K project will take place in stages from June 2015 to November 2017.