Living Colour

Bringing colourful fun and creativity to each Jabiru Kids community..! Living Colour© is colourful games, activities, thinking, spaces, skills, and expression. These all enrich children’s lives; bringing joy, comfort, purpose, peace and well-being. It includes things like:

Alive with Colour!

  • using pastels, paints, pencils, charcoal and ink;
  • drying flowers, designing food, wearable art and disco lights;
  • earth colours, rainbow colours, black and white, and shades of grey;
  • batik, tie-dye, screen-print, fabric paint and face paint;
  • colour on our bodies and in our hair, on canvas or on china, on a wall or in food;
  • chakras, mandalas, henna and totems; or
  • brushes and sprays, blobs and stamps, fingers and sponges, rollers and hands.

About Living Colour

This program provides resources, idea prompts, activities, specialised equipment and staff training. It ensures that children have fun with visual arts, multi-culturalism, decoration and design.

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Living Colour© helps Jabiru Kids to have fun being creative with colour…and shape and design and texture and…

Initial roll-out of our C4K project takes place in stages from June 2015 to November 2017.

Sue Anne

We gratefully dedicate Living Colour to the memory and gift of the life of Jabiru’s friend and former member, Sue-Anne Shepard.  As a teacher and school principal she was a passionate life-long educator and lover of children and a trusted and valued mentor to other educators. As a human she was a loyal, funny and loving friend. The vibrancy of her life is with us as an inspiration every day.