Jabiru Kids includes fun ways to make friends and share ideas by chatting..!

To help even shy children talk to each other we use play-based Talk-Time© to build confidence, friendship and community.

Talking and Listening

Talking games include ideas like Soap Box, Minute of Fame, Interviews, Tribal Councils, Buzz Groups, Conferences for Kids, and Talking Circles. Jabiru Kids have ideas. ASnd we need to hear them..!

Being Part of a Community

In Jabiru Kids being part of a community means that we talk with, and listen to, each other; growing the kinds of conversations we have, and building the confidence we need for them. We make sure it’s fun chatting and discussing, debating and interviewing, presenting and convincing, or joking and riddling.

Easy and Fun

The program includes a range of resources, prompts, tools, process briefs, IT-based supports, suggestions for children’s participation, and training for staff. But importantly they are all done in ways that are life-affirming, engaging and fun..!

Handy Links

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Parent Handbook

Talk Time


Talk-Time© helps build Jabiru Kids’ confidence, friendship and community by giving everyone a voice.

Initial roll-out of our C4K project takes place in stages from June 2015 to November 2017.