Partnering with schools


We make top quality school age care easy for schools. We're cooperatiive and flexible, and work hard for a positive, proactive, and accountable relationship with all school staff and the wider school community.

Our commitment to Principals, and other school leaders, is that at your school we will:


  • mirror your commitment to children’s safety, well-being and development,
  • value-add to your aim for excellence by providing exceptional care,
  • complement your reputation for innovation through our unique Communities for Kids (C4K) framework,
  • always be friendly, co-operative, professional, approachable and prompt,
  • work with you to establish effective reporting mechanisms,
  • consult with you early and often to ensure a ‘no surprises’ partnership,
  • mirror values and relationships that are important to your community,
  • complement and support your approach to children’s self-management of behaviour, and
  • maintain a rigorous commitment to all relevant policies, standards, guidelines and legislation.

Ask us how we can work closely with you and the P&C to support and enhance your fundraising and community building activities..!

Our commitment to schools

  1. We will maintain absolute compliance with all relevant standards, guidelines and legislation
  2. We will work closely with each school to establish cooperative relationships
  3. We will be accountable, communicate well and consult early and often

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